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Fly Catcher Glue Pads:

Glue Pad for Electric Fly Catcher, Fly Catcher Glue Pad, Spider Glue Pad, Glue Sheet for Fly Catcher, Electric Fly Catcher, Flying Insect Killer Pads, these are high quality Insect Killer Glue Pads that are used in Spider Electic Fly Catcher Machines.

Completely Hygenic and Safe to use. These glue pads are most used in Pharma, Food Processing Plants and Modern Bakery, Food Joints and Restaurants.

A Completely Environmental Friendly solution and hygenic way to get rid of Flying Insects. Pack of 15 Sheet

Hygenie Glueboard-Med:

For a comparable unit brought to you at a much better value, check out this Zap N Trap insect glue board light trap instead. Capable of covering up to a 1500 sq. ft. area, this 30W unit effectively attracts and traps insects without producing a loud and annoying “zapping” noise commonly heard with other bug traps. Plus, its chemical-free glue board means you can use this unit in hygiene-sensitive and food prep areas!

Rodent Bait Station:

Low-profile design fits in tight spaces, like under furniture or pallets.Keyed lock prevents children and pets from handling rodent bait inside.Bait Station is ideal for perimeter baiting and can be attached to a permanent structure or staked to the ground for added security. It locks with a locking screw and unlocks with an Allen key wrench (included). A padlock or the securi-tie (included) also works. Liners which fit into the bait compartment are available to make cleaning and rebaiting easier.

Fly Terminator:

Controls flying insects when sprayed in short bursts in the direction of the insect plus it can be used as a complete room treatment. Spray directly onto insect. Spray onto surfaces frequented by insect pests for up to 7 days residual killing action. Hold can 30cm from surface or target before spraying.