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What Is Fumigation?

Fumigation means a process in which the stored products are treated in a gas tight enclosure for certain period of time to eliminate pest infestation without leaving any harmful effect. It is very effective in preservation as it controls insects developing inside and outside the storage.

Phosphine Gas (Ph3) Fumigation:

Most commonly used fumigants world wide are Aluminium Phosphide/Magnesium Phosphide.Phosphide fumigants are available in solid form of tablets, pellets, granules, or plates. Phosphine fumigants are used to eliminate insect infestation in a variety of commodities including animal feed and food ingredients, rice, corn, oats, peanuts, popcorn, wheat, pistachios, maize, grass seed, tobacco, etc. They can also be used in a variety of processed foods.

All Fumigants Are Highly Toxic In Nature And Require Trained Professionals For Application:

Our employs are trained and experienced fumigators who are capable of handling any type of fumigation onshore and offshore.

Our Services For Fumigation:

  • Tobacco Fumigation
  • Rice Fumigation
  • Raw agricultural commodities fumgation
  • Ship hold fumigation
  • Animal feed fumigation
  • Shipping containers fumigation
  • Containers fumigation
  • Dates palm fumigatrion
  • Granary Fumigation
  • Food processing plants
  • Air Craft Fumigation & Cargo Fumigation