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Residential - Home & Apartment Buildings

Residential Services are normally standardized since most homes have common problem areas. The common pest in residencial areas are Bedbugs, Termite, Cockroach. For this reason, it is often possible to get an approximate cost for a service over the phone . However, we are only too happy to customize a management program to suit any residential property based on your budget and the results that you want to achieve.

What Does An Uncontrolled Pest Problem In Your Home Mean To You?

  • Diseases such as salmonella, dysentery, diarrhea and stomach upsets are all ailments which can be transmitted by pests.
  • Wastage due to infestation
  • Scrap storage and loading
  • Contamination

Services We Offer

  • Control of crawling insects pests like cockroaches, Termites, bedbugs, ants, silver fishes, spiders, etc.
  • Control of flying insects, pests like flies, mosquitoes, etc.